Back to the Black Sea

Tired of German posts in my blog? Today I’ve got a special gift for you, English speaking folks.

Just don’t expect a long text. Even my native language German readers don’t like this kind of stuff. While I love long posts. 😉

So I decided to make a 5 minutes movie. All of the photographs in it are mine, so is the music of »Navigating my Silent Sea(s)«. I’m playing a piano improvisation on a theme I composed in june 1993, according to the Blue Book (i.e. my diary) of that year. I shall never forget this concert.

There was no piano next to the former castle of Belgorod Dnyestrovski, so I had to perform this early work a cappella. Some frogs cheered when I ended and my loved one laughed. I still hope, she laughed at them.

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